TV dulu dan sekarang

Banyak yang bilang klo makin ke sini kualitas tayangan di TV makin gak bagus dan gw baru aja ngebuktiin itu tadi siang. sehabis gw pulang dari les biola gw ikut nonton TV ama Nyokap. Nyokap lagi nonton Si Doel di TPI.

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Creative PMP Mozaic and Zen Wav

you know what? I have my MP3 Player broken again! now I think  It’s because of rain. I put my mp3 player in my pocket when It was raining some day last week. unfortunately, The guarantee have expired since  december 2008. So I have to pay in the next service.

I don’t know about how much does it cost to repair my Samsung YP3. but, now I’m not thinking about repairing my Mp3 player. I want to have a new gadget. yeah I know It will cost more to buy a new one. but I think I’ll do it.

Now my choose come to creative, glad in Bandung there’s a Creative Centre and my brother wants to help me If I want to buy a creative there. I want to have something more than mp3 player, I choose PMP now. PMP is “portable media player” so except playing Mp3 it also play video and Images. cool isn’t it? my friends asked me “why I didn’t change my cellphone?” it is because my phone is a gift from my parents so I don’t want to easily replace it.

I have 2 recommendations  for creative PMP .there are:


Creative Mozaic, and


Creative Wave Zen

And the 4 GB version of it costs Rp 1.100.000,- hope I’m not wrong. so for saving some money for it I have to decrease buying things habit. so wish me luck that I can save Rp 1.100.000,- in short time hahaha

Cool Kamen Rider scanlation from Onemanga

Thanks for Onemanga and the scanlators that provides “Kamen Rider Spirit”. Actually I’m still collecting this comic in book-formed released by Elex Media Komputindo. In Indonesia it’s already  been released to book 5 it means It’s more updated than Onemanga. so Onemanga, you should update the Kamen Rider.

well at the end , I also collecting it in Onemanga and I found pictures that are cool and not found in “Indonesia released Kamen rider “. so these are the pictures:

well until now I only have saved the 1st Chapter only

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Naruto 431:Naruto Erupts!!!

10Ok This is it! This is what We’ve been waiting for! Naruto finally came to konoha and now He is fighting with all 6 Pains.

Naruto is in Sage Mode and He is Erupting! Naruto is greater now with his sage mode. He has a new cool Outfit and of course a new greater power. the most surprising is Naruto’s new Rasengan, The Sage Tech Giant Rasengan. Naruto even striking two Rasengan in once!



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Yes akhirnya sempet juga buat publish post ini.

Hari terakhir Pra-TO kemaren ada sesuatu yang bikin gw bangga atas Solaris. Ok sebelum itu mungkin gw belom jelasin solaris itu siapa. sekarang gw jelasin, Solaris adalah nama angkatan bawah dari Emperor, yaitu kelas X yang sekarang. sekarang ini mereka lagi siap-siap buat ngejalanin kegiatan khas 81, yaitu Trip Observasi (TO) dan hari ini mereka baru aja ngejalanin hari terakhir dari Pra-TO (sejenis pelatihan buat TO).

TO kali ini bisa dibilang beda. kali ini pihak TO 81 (panitia , Solaris dan OSIS) mendapatkan cobaan yang dibilang cukup serius. permasalahannya ada pada segelintir orang tua murid, yang katanya diprakarsai oleh seorang om-om pengacara lebay (Mirza! gw minta hak pemakaian istilah lo ya hahaha). Om Pengacara Lebay adalah sebuah sistem manusia , yang notabene juga salah satu orang tua murid dari anak Solaris. dia gak setuju ada istilah seri di TO Solaris. wew TO macam apaan nih klo kayak gini.

tapi di hari terakhir Pra TO gw bangga ama anak Solaris karena beberapa dari kalian dah berani mengungkapkan keinginan kalian, terutama akan Seri.

OK Solaris klo kalian pengen ada seri di TO kalian dan kalian mau TO yang bermakna, perjuangkan lah itu. OSIS dah mengerjakan bagiannya dan hasil akhir semua tergantung kalian. Semangatlah Solaris!

FMA 91 : The Philosopher’s Revival

Hi I’m back again. I update this now because the chapter 91 of Fullmetal Alchemist is released . you can download the scanlation in . just see the comic list in my widget .

firstly I’m curious about the title . The Philosopher’s Revival . what does it mean? what will happen? but after I’ve finished my reading I still can’t find out what does it mean.  yeah some things happen in this chapter that might be explaining the title. they are:  Continue reading

Phoenix Rising : ASCENSION

l_850f4c6159cc60a116d66b8e861609e6Hello, in this post I want to make a review about “Phoenix Rising” . Monica Willliams from Phoenix Rising asked me to make a review for a new age album. I think it will be interesting to make a review asked by someone. 

well for some of you who don’t know about Phoenix Rising, here is some info about them.

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